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Featured Adoptable Pets



Hey there, it's me, Piranha! Picture this: a dapper young pup, strutting his stuff on wheels, living his best life. That's me! Okay, okay, it wasn't always this way. I had a bit of a rough start - paralyzed as a teeny pup, and all that jazz. But let me tell you, I've got spirit for days! Some awesome human noticed I was having trouble with my back legs, swooped in, and next thing I knew, I was getting x-rayed up. Turns out, I've got a bit of a wonky spine going on, which makes walking a no-go. But, I mean, have you seen these wheels?! I'm like the coolest cat... err, dog... on the block! Now, I know what you're thinking, "Poor Piranha!" But trust me, I've got this. I'm all about the good vibes. My fave things? Zooming around with my foster sibs, playing tug-of-war like a champ, and giving my kitty pals kisses (they're not super into it, but I don't give up easy!). Oh, and my two-legged BFF? They're the snack and belly rub supplier - I'm one happy pup when they're around! My foster mom's got my back (literally, with the whole diaper situation). I'm a tidy boy, don't you worry. I like my playpen, it's like my own little pup palace. And don't even get me started on the fun of ramp racing! I'm like the speediest slow pup you'll ever meet! So, what's my dream home? Well, I'm not picky, but a house with no stairs would be paw-some, and a sibling (two legs or four) would be the best! I just want all the love and snuggles, and maybe a few snacks... or ten. So, if you're ready for a pup who's all about the good life, let's set up a playdate and see if we're a match made in heaven!


Meet Teapot! Her story is not for the faint of heart but man she deserves the world after all she has been through! Teapot came to us with the worst mastitis any of our vets had ever seen. Not only that, she was also pregnant.   Teapot has made a full recovery! She is such a loving cat and would love to have a loving family of her own. She is always ready for attention and love! She would do best in a house without dogs or at least in a place where she can get away from the dogs if she needs to and no other cats. She is ready to give all of her love just to you!!

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