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 She has not had an easy life and her own body has been used as a weapon against her until she was in a life threatening situation that landed her as a “stray” in a shelter. Her own fertility used as a weapon against her that would eventually destroy her body - bred over and over again, pumping out puppies so that her “owners” could bag some loot. The cycle continued until it ruptured her uterus and her vulva became infested with maggots. The heartbreaking reality is that this is only the start of what a lifetime of being used as a money-maker has done to her body.  She is a challenging placement but we feel there is someone out there for her! Please read her whole bio on our adoptable dogs page, for much more information!!!


I’m Maris! I came into the rescue pregnant and very skinny, in need of some good TLC. I’m up to a healthy weight now that I’m done caring for all the babies I’ve had over the years, and am happy to know that I have better days ahead of me. I don't mind living with other pets, and like to have my own space to relax when I'm done hanging out around them. I love being pet and am a great proximity cat; not too needy, but I still enjoy your presence. I'd love to find a home with yummy food and nice windows to bird watch in, could that be with you?

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