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Hi, I'm Deckster. My life has been a little bit all over the place; I've been moved from home to home many times, which has made it hard for me to feel stable with the people in my life. I've never had structure, but the nice lady that came to evaluate me thinks I could really benefit from it. Because of not having stability I'm not really able to trust people, but can you blame me? No one's given me a reason to trust them yet. I'm afraid that I'll have my home and nice things taken away from me again, so I want to protect them. To gain my trust, I need things to be done on my terms so that I can feel safe and like I have some control over what happens to me. I was told I'm a smart guy and that if someone follows my behavior plan, I'll be able to overcome my fears and form a really special bond with my forever people. I would really benefit from someone who is experienced with dog behavior, and is willing to follow up with a professional for my long term behavior plan. My perfect home would be adults only, and no other pets so that I don't feel like I have to compete for my nice things. I'm a project dog and I know it will be hard for me to find the right home, but when that finally happens I know we'll have the most special bond. Do you think we could be forever friends?


I’m Maris! I came into the rescue pregnant and very skinny, in need of some good TLC. I’m up to a healthy weight now that I’m done caring for all the babies I’ve had over the years, and am happy to know that I have better days ahead of me. I don't mind living with other pets, and like to have my own space to relax when I'm done hanging out around them. I love being pet and am a great proximity cat; not too needy, but I still enjoy your presence. I'd love to find a home with yummy food and nice windows to bird watch in, could that be with you?