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Image by Artur Łuczka

Our Mission

Joseph’s Legacy’s goal is to help animals in need, and encourage others to be compassionate and kind to all animals.

What We Do

Joseph's Legacy is a foster based non-profit animal rescue that works to help displaced animals by bringing them to safety and providing medical care, and advocates for animals that have been neglected and abused. We also help find homes for homeless and abandoned animals. We are comprised of and run by primarily volunteers, and rely heavily on the love and support from our community to continue our mission. We'd love for you to get involved and help animals alongside us!


Our Story

​In autumn of 2013, a concerned citizen discovered that a dog was being neglected in Middletown Ohio. For almost four years he had been chained to a tree in the backyard; forgotten, hungry, and desperate for love and attention. He was emaciated, heartworm positive, and in need of emergency medical attention. Fortunately, his rescuers brought him to safety at a local rescue just in time.

It was an uphill battle, but with the dedication of his caregivers and the love and support of the community, he regained his strength and hope. He transformed from the scared sad dog that was found tied to a tree into a sweet and happy dog ready to give kisses to everyone he met. The volunteers decided on the fitting name of “Joseph”, coming from the biblical story of a man who was abused and left for dead that overcame his circumstances to be a kind and merciful leader.

Joseph’s medical bills were in the thousands from the extensive care and rehabilitation he required, and his rescuers needed help. The news became involved to help raise funds for his care and Joseph’s story went viral. His story touched pet lovers everywhere and the community raised over $100,000 for PAWS which covered all of Joseph’s care, as well as the care for many other pets just like him. 

Even after Joseph found his happy ever after, the rescuers work wasn't finished. Seeing the inspiring story of his rescue, the community began to reach out to his rescuers about many other pets who were in need of help. That’s when the concerned citizen who spearheaded Joseph’s rescue, Meg Melampy, decided to start Joseph’s Legacy. In his name, we want to give hope to all animals and encourage others to stand up against neglect and cruelty.

Want to do your part to help animals in need like Joseph?

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